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Deliver your message on the only daily football podcast network

There are huge and unique benefits to advertising on the Global Sports Podcast Network, including:

  • Aggregated audience - you and your message will reach supporters of each of the 20 Premier League clubs, women's football, fantasy football, and a global audience in at least 5 different languages every single weekday. No other podcast business can offer this.

  • Unprecedented ROI – local content - international reach - unparalleled growth.

  • Content delivered every day of the working week - building brand loyalty and dedicated listener base.

  • A clearly defined listener base with high disposable income and high levels of commitment to their club; podcasts deliver unprecedented trust and brand loyalty.

  • Consistent delivery and content within a clearly defined structure and running order – meaning your message will be heard at the same time in every podcast, ensuring consistent delivery right across the network.

  • High production values and quality content led by seasoned journalists and broadcasters.

  • Designed around delivering impact for you with flexible partnership, sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

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