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Be Part of Something Amazing
Global Sports Podcast Network 

If you’re an existing or aspiring podcaster with passion and commitment, we need to talk. Why?


The answer is simple: by being part of a network, you can reach a global audience, we can support your professional development, grow your personal brand and your podcast profile, and monetise the great work you are doing on a scale that is impossible to achieve as an independent podcaster.

Here are just a few of the benefits of being part of the GSPN team:

  • Turn your passion into a profitable business.

  • Be part of a high-quality, structured and ambitious international media group.

  • We provide all of the advertising revenue. Leaving you to concentrate on creating your podcast - you won’t have to do any of that awkward sales generation, recording of adverts, you wont need to worry about post-production or even upload your podcast. We take care of that, leaving you to do what you’re great at.

  • Earn by benefiting from our centralised advertising revenue generation across the network, split as a revenue share among all our podcasters.

  • Enjoy improved access and recognition within your club – being part of a larger network will enhance access and personal credibility within your club.

  • Centralised marketing activities help all podcasts grow their audience across the world.

  • Grow your skillset and personal brand – our network-wide marketing activity can drive far greater brand awareness and advertising revenues than is possible as an individual and help you become an outstanding broadcaster.

  • Benefit from successful and tested daily proven content structure so you’ll always know what stories to cover in advance

  • Access excellent ongoing media training, collaboration opportunities and content generation ideas through contacts across the whole GSPN podcasters network

  • There’s no cost to you and other than your podcast being part of the Global Sports Podcast Network, you have no other commitment to GSPN.

  • You continue to have complete freedom to continue with other projects, media work or even other podcasts.

Sound exciting? Get in touch to find out more!


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