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Football Stadium
Every Club | Every Day


The global football market is growing at an exponential rate.

And so is the appetite for the latest news, views and opinion from the world's greatest sporting export - the English Premier League. Not just that, but women's football is growing at a huge rate, and fantasy football has never been more popular. 

We bring you all of that under one roof. Every day. 

Welcome to the Global Sports Podcast Network - the only daily football podcast network. New for season 2024/25.

27 fan and broadcaster-led podcasts five days a week covering:

* Your favorite Premier League team, bringing you the most regular, up to date coverage you can get. Each team has its own pod. 

*All the news, views and analysis from the world of women's football

*Fantasy football, every day.

*A daily English Premier League wrap up broadcast in English, Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, Italian and Hindi - all broadcast by native speakers. 


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